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Daf Yomi A Gemara Tradition

Daf Yomi, literally "page of the day", is the daily study of the Talmud. Each day everyone who participates all over the world learns the same page of a seven and a half year cycle that culminates with the Siyum Hashas, a big celebration at the completion of the entire Talmud. The cycle begins with Brochos, the first mesechta, and ends with the last mesechta, Niddah.

Daf HaYomi in the 21st Century Kol Avrohom

With Kol Avrohom it's easy to keep up with the Daf Yomi online. If you lose track in your gemara then just check out KolAvrohom.com to see what today's daf is. For added convenience you can listen online or download MP3s of the dafyomi shiur given by HaRav Avrohom Karp ZT"L in Yiddish. Listen on your way to work in the car or subway.

Daf Yomi In Yiddish By Rav Karp

For close to 30 years Rav Karp, of the Lubavitcher shul in Montreal, Canada, gave a daily DafYomi shiur. Kol Avrohom is the digitized collection of his shiurim. They were recorded on audio cassette tapes and have been transferred to the MP3 format so that the teachings of Rav Karp live on in the digital age. Anyone in the world can visit KolAvrohom.com and learn today's daf for free. Learning Daf Yomi has never been this easy.